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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  November 16, 2012 11:00am-11:30am PST

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skies are dark and dreary as more rain gets ready to move in. this morning, showers were just the start. the main event is heading our way. good morning. thanks for being with us. i'm marla tellez. >> i'm jon kelley. it is the first of two wet weather systems moving through the bay area. it is almost noon and we can see the headlights still on for drivers making for a bit of a slow go of things around san jose. and a wet walk for anybody in los gatos dodging through the rain drops. for that and more, we have team coverage in place for the storm watch. mike is there with the traffic and then we have christina in the weather center tracking the rain. >> good morning. it was active this morning. we have a bit of a break right now before the heavyñnlv rain
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in. let's take it to the radar and show you what we're tracking. for the most part, showers will continue to move up from the south and pushing to the north. you can see the sierra snowfall coming down. this system is coming from the south. it is packing moisture. what it is not packing is the frigid arctic air. this comes with the next system on late saturday and sunday. right now, we're tracking moderate activity. you see the red and yellow. it all breaks down like this. spotty showers for the rest of the day. heavy rain moves in tonight at 7:00 p.m. continuing through tomorrow morning as well. we will have partial clearing tomorrow. that will continue through 7:00 p.m. saturday. the second colder storm pushes through saturday. look at how much rain we're expecting to accumulate over the course of the next 48 hours. upwards of 1.75 inches.
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in the south bay, where we don't get that much rainfall because we're in the shadows of the mountains, we are going to pick up close to 1 inch of rain. a lot of people have holiday travel plans and you have family coming into town. let's check the traffic with mike. you know the rain we had this morning complicated things with the east shore freeway. we will show you the maps. here is the commute heading down through the bay bridge. this evening as the second system starts to come in as christina was talking about, a lot of people will be heading out of town. many in the area heading east on 580, perhaps, through tri-valley and through stockton, if you take those routes, you take east 880 or over here for highway 50 to south shore. these areas have the green going
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on on the maps. warmer here, though. heading over the summit, we have the yuba pass and then the pink on here with the ice and snow. it is cold and slippery through the passes. bring the chains through tahoe. you will need them. if not when you get there, then on the way back. here is tahoe city and cutting to incline. the system will change as it travels through this evening and tomorrow morning. south shore through myers with a couple of days ago with chain requirements, that will be in effect again. we will look at the southbound folks as well. if you are heading to disneyland, i-5 is wet through los banos.
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there may be a slowdown here an 101. marla, back to you. >> mike, thanks so much. we are keeping our eye on the wet weather all weekend long. check out and share your photos with us. visit nbc bay area on facebook or share photos on instagram. coming up in a few more minutes, meteorologist christina loren will have the timeline of rain for the weekend and let you know when and where it will hit most. it has been eight months since sierra lamar has disappeared and the man behind bars is facing additional kidnapping charges. we have more with how investigators were able to make this connection. she is live in the newsroom you will see only here on nbc bay area. >> reporter: good morning. we obtained the police reports of the three allegedly involving
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antolin garcia torres. the first happened on march 19th around 11:30 at night in morgan hill. during that attack, a black stun gun was used. fingerprints were taken from the gun's battery and according to police reports, a print was recovered from the santa clara county sheriff's office who matched the print to antolin garcia torres. police reports show using a safeway club card, garcia torres purchased a 1.5 gallon bottle of bleach and a turkey baster three days before sierra lamar disappeared. he also kidnapped a woman on the safeway on morgan hill. he is accused of an attempting carjacking on dunbar. morgan hill police arrested antolin garcia torres on three charges in the course of a
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carjacking this year. he was already in custody, accused of murdering sierra lamar. antolin garcia torres will be arraigned on december 10th. it is not determined if he will face the attempting kidnapping and murder charges. new this morning, bound, beaten and left for dead. we are now learning more about a 65-year-old woman robbed at gunpoint from a popular shopping center in vallejo. now in custody for the crime is a 14-year-old boy police say is responsibility. christie smith is live at police headquarters with what we have just learned. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, ma a marla. police call this an egregious and physical assault on a woman. the suspect is a 14-year-old boy from vallejo.
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he kidnapped the woman from the store on thursday evening. forced her into a car. the teen forced the woman to drive away where she was sexually assaulted and beaten and duct taped and left unconscious. police were developing leads into the case and the relative of the victim was called. i spoke with a shopper at the mall this morning and she tries to be careful, but isn't shocked by the things teens do. >> wherever you go, you need to be careful. be aware of what is going on around you. i'm over 65. i'm more careful. >> reporter: now last night, a passerby noticed the woman in distress by hiddenbrooke parkway. she had been dumped in the ditch and taken to the hospital. police returned to the mall area and found the suspect there with a replica handgun and number of things by the woman's car.
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he was booked into juvenile hall and booked with sexual assault and kidnapping. my colleague is in that press conference right now with the vallejo police department. we will have full details at 5:00 and 6:00. reporting live in vallejo, christie smith, nbc bay area news. thank you very much. right now, we have developing news out of the gulf of mexico. congressional source just confirming to nbc news the gulf oil rig fire was caused by a torch that cut through an oil line. two people right now are dead. two are missing and four others hospitalized. they remain in critical condition. rescue crews are searching 17 miles southeast of grand isle, louisiana. 28 people there were on that rig at the time of the incident. black elk oil company owns the platform. it was not actively producing oil at the time. they don't believe the incident will lead to an environmental
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disaster. happening right now, say good-bye to twinkies and ho hos and dingdons. say it isn't know. the company says striking workers have refused an ultimatum to return to work by the end of the day thursday so the company is moving forward with a full shutdown. hostess employs 18,000 people. however, you can still get your favorite treats while supplies last at your local stores. >> no joke, reports have it that those are flying off the shelves. still ahead at 11:00, we will have the latest on the petraeus congressional hearing over the attack of the u.s. embassy in benghazi. $10 will heis all it takes
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add hbo and cinemax and get the first three months free. [ male announcer ] at&t u-verse. it's tv like you've never seen before. ♪ welcome back. we just got updated information into the newsroom. a man in custody following a security shutdown at the oakland international airport. at 7:45 last night, a security checkpoint had to be shutdown after a passenger had suspicion news items. the man did not have bomb-making material and said this was, quote, at best a hoax. to what is happening in the middle east. today was supposed to bring a cease-fire, instead violence is
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escalating. a war could break out as israeli troops are along the benghazi border. fired rockets deep into israel and hitting near the commercial capital of tel aviv and jerusalem. hamas targets have hit and fired more than 450 rockets. so far, 20 people have been killed. most of those palestinians. closer to home, marla, nothing short of problematic on capitol hill. david petraeus testifying on capitol hill. the focus is the september attacks on the u.s. embassy in benghazi. the hearing was not open to the public or the media. committee chair peter king said petraeus testified that he, quote, he thought he made it all
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along he made it clear there was terrorist involvement, unquote when he briefed the committee on september 14th. >> today was that from the start and he told us this was a terrorist attack of the terrorist involvement from the start. i said i had different recollections of that. the overwhelming almost of evidence was that it was a demonstration and not a terrorist attack. >> king also adds there is question right now whether the obama administration changed the initial talking points about what was said publicly about the deadly attacks. another bay area tech company began selling shares for the first time this morning. ruckus wireless ipo last night and scott mcgrew said the stock quickly sank. >> it certainly started well.
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here is video from 6:30 our time and they ring the opening bell on the opening stock exchange. the morning after they plummet $15 a share. now, the shares didn't start trading right away. it always takes some time for those first trades. when they did, it was less bell and more crickets as the price fell below the ipo price of $14 and change. that's the bad news. critics were quick to say perhaps the company should not have ipo'd with the concerns of the fiscal cliff. the first sale of stock happened last night when the investors paid ruckus the full $15 a share. that money that selena lo's company keeps every time after the stock trades on the new york stock exchange. that's a transaction between private individuals.
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ruckus sees none of that money. from a purely financial point of view, it doesn't matter to ruckus' bottom line the stock went down. obviously investors will not put up with it forever, but it was a successful ipo for ruckus. back to you. >> scott, thank you for the update. nbc bay area news here gearing up for the holidays to end hunger now food drive. it is taking place tomorrow at safeway stores across the area. it is a great time for a great cause. bob redell is live at the safeway in pleasanton. he is there to tell you how you can help out. bob, good morning. >> reporter: jon, good morning. we moved north here in san ramonramo ramon. you can come in here and safeway has pre-packaged the bags.
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it costs $10. it will have these items in the there. it will help people in the bay area. one in six people in the bay area rely on the food bank. we were talking about this earlier. what was the need like now compared to a couple of years ago? >> we are serving 12.9% more people than two years ago. food drives help us end hunger now and important this time of year when families and individuals and seniors are coming to us for food. >> reporter: i imagine and i heard this before that the type of people changed? >> yeah. we are serving a lot of people who are working or have been laid off and unable to find a job. people who went to college and still can't find work. >> reporter: so maybe the working poor. do you see a glimmer of hope or things are leveling off?
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>> a couple of years ago we thought things would level off, but they have not. we still see more people at the distribution centers. >> reporter: jon and marla, do you want to see a big, fat check? >> of course, we do, bob. >> reporter: we have nancy bray. she is with kiwanas of san ramon valley. >> i have a check from the san ramon valley kiwanas. we worked with safeway for seven years. we have a $4,000 check for the food bank to help feed the hungry. >> reporter: that is awesome. lisa, how much does that help? >> every dollar donated can provide two meals to the community. >> reporter: over. every dollar. 8,000 meals? >> right. >> reporter: i just came up with that market th on top of my hea. don't forget, we will be at the safeway tomorrow. i'll be at the livermore safeway. rob will be here at san ramon.
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$10 or two bags, that's $20. it will help a lot of people who are hungry. i think you will be in the south bay somewhere, is that correct? >> we will be at the river mark safeway in santa clara tomorrow from 11:30 to 1:30. >> the level of respect where bob is and people show up with checks. >> reporter: i'm big money. >> we call him daddy warbucks. christina is standing by. you will be out there tomorrow as well. >> sugar daddy. >> you will get a nice, dry break. we would love to meet you and shake your hand. the satellite/radar imagery shows you still getting showers, but not as heavily as earlier. we want to zoom in and show you the action taking place. in the south bay, you have activity from santa cruz to
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gilroy. we have active weather here for the next 10 to 15 minutes. the showers are subsiding, the winds are picking up. look at this. sustained at 22 miles per hour in san jose. that is the same wind direction and speed. it is just gusty out there. temperatures will be on the cool side. you need the jacket and umbrella. highs work out like this. 66 in livermore. 66 for santa teresa. as we head through the second half of the day, the stronger wave of moisture comes through. you can see at 4:00, heavy showers all the way from santa rosa through san jose. bulk of the moisture arrives through 6:00 to 10:00 tonight. make sure you are ready for that. make sure you take it easy if you are heading out. you want to have a head's up on travel.
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the time now is to do it because we have a lull until this evening. that is the first system. it will clear out through 7:00 to 10:00 tomorrow. this is a colder system. it is packing a bit of moisture as well. we're talking about very cold air behind it. temperatures are going to drop. not going to be very great for your outdoor conditions as we head throughout saturday and sunday. in fact, temperatures dropping off into the low 60s both days. the good news is you will get outdoors part of saturday and most of sunday. then we continue the shower chance from monday through tuesday. slight about 10% to 20%. as we head through wednesday, the next shower chance in the north bay. that is a busy travel day. everybody, though, will clear out just in time for thanksgiving. something to be thankful for. love to see you tomorrow. back to you guys. >> thank you, christina. feel good friday. christina working hard today. putting it all together. >> she is earning her money.
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coming up, they are leaving on a jet plane for the big apple. we will tell you about the high school band making history. ah.
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just in time for the holidays, some kids will get new homes. they make it a day to place children in adoptive homes. 19 foster kids will be adopted in alameda county. santa clara county will hold adoption events this morning. somebody strike up the band. we will let you know which local band will take part in the macy's thanksgiving day parade.
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have you heard?
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the search of the high school band is making sweet music marching its way to new york city. they have been invited to play in the macy's thanksgiving day parade. last night, they held a final rehearsal. the parade is the first event for the saratoga band. you can watch the parade right here on nbc bay area that's on thanksgiving day, of course, at 9:00 a.m. when the turkey is in the oven. >> snoopy will be floating along. >> have a great weekend, everybody.
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